Past Exhibitions

Awareness: New Works by Souun Takeda & Wataru Hatano

March 7 – April 21, 2019 Opening Reception: March 8, 4-6 PM View this exhibition on Artsy Porch Gallery Ojai presents Awareness: New Works by Souun Takeda & Wataru Hatano. As one of Japan’s foremost calligraphy artists, Takeda is highly praised for his innovative, yet traditional way of expressing the beauty of the Japanese language and spirit. Hatano is renowned for his innovative process of blending the b
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The Arnoldis: Charles & Natalie Arnoldi

May 2 – June 16, 2019 Opening Reception: May 4, 5-7 PM View this exhibition on Artsy Porch Gallery Ojai presents the Ojai Invitational 2019, The Arnoldis: Selected Works by Charles Arnoldi & Natalie Arnoldi – a collaboration with EMS ARTS. With works ranging from 2017 to present, Charles continues his exploration of color, shape and pattern. While, daughter, Natalie Arnoldi’s works explore the fine l
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Guy Webster

Guy Webster: Ojai Behind the Mask

Featuring new photographs by Guy Webster Jan. 10 – Jan 17, 2019
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Towers & Walls: New Works by Sally England and China Adams

Exhibition Dates: October 4 – November 4, 2018 Porch Gallery Ojai presents Towers & Walls: New Works by Sally England and China Adams. The structures that surround us often become so enmeshed into our visual environment we can take for granted their functional importance. Respectively, vessels that hold and distribute diminishing water supplies and a giant barrier that naturally prohibits intruders; towers
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Russell Crotty

Russell Crotty: Remote and Curious Worlds

November 8 – December 16, 2018 Artist’s reception: November 10, 5 -7 PM Porch Gallery Ojai presents Russell Crotty: Remote and Curious Worlds. Since the early 1990’s, Russell Crotty has made significant contributions to contemporary drawing, especially with his distinctive ballpoint pen drawings on paper-coated suspended globes and within large-scale books. His work engages astronomy, landscape, mapping,
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David Rathman: Field Day

January 24, 2019 – March 3, 2019 Porch Gallery Ojai presents David Rathman: Field Day. Dimly lit dive bars, decaying basketball courts, football games without fans, roughed-up muscle cars; the environments and objects represented in his works are at once a tribute to and a dirge of modern masculinity. Emotionally reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth paintings, Rathman’s watercolors and prints have a sparse, quiet qualit
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Gut Friends

Show Dates: June 28 – August 5, 2018 Opening Reception: June 30 4-6 PM, Porch Gallery Ojai Porch Gallery Ojai presents Gut Friends. Dining can be a performance, an impetus for gathering and a gesture of friendship. Like the 1970’s New York City restaurant FOOD that was designed to bring the artistic community together, Gut Friends is an art smorgasbord that invites artists to a shared table celebrating a
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Mona Kuhn: Selected Works

May 17 – June 24, 2018 Porch Gallery Ojai presents Mona Kuhn: Selected Works. The exhibit, featuring photographs from multiple bodies of work, highlights Kuhn’s ability to capture intimacy through a variety of subjects. Deep shadows, multifaceted reflections, and narrow depth of fields add complexity to the portraits, interiors and abstracts. Unraveling the obscured details, the viewer is pulled into the
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China Adams: Massage-Generated Energy Drawings

April 26 – May 15, 2018 Porch Gallery Ojai presents China Adams: Massage-Generated Energy Drawings. Beginning on April 26th, 2018 China Adams, artist and California Licensed Massage Therapist, will launch a large-scale, collaboration with 80 other artists that will run through May 15th, 2018. The project, Massage-Generated Energy Drawings, represents her continued commitment to the exploration of positive energ
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