MB Boissonnault

“Future Perfect”

Solo Exhibition MB Boissonnault presented by Porch Gallery & Wallspace

Porch Gallery and Wallspace of Los Angeles presented the solo show “Future Perfect” by Mb Boissonnault.

New works by Boissonnault “Future Perfect” highlighted her technique of using many layers of oils on synthetic canvas, capturing the complex colors and textures of our environment and atmosphere. Boissonnault describes her inspiration for the show, “One day, several years ago, after a lifetime of constant struggle with the workings of the world, someone said to me, the world is perfect, with all it’s flaws, no matter what is happening around you, this world is perfect. always. As a strange and ever-unfolding consequence of hearing that statement, my previous ‘battle’ with painting as life’s work took on an entirely new set of rules, a new game plan, a new process which is less clear in the act of production than at any other time.”


Date: March 11, 2014