Wall Street International Magazine Features Artist Lisa Schulte

Porch Gallery Ojai presents “Article 16: Selected works by Lisa Schulte”. G. James Daichendt, writing for KCET’s Artbound series, described Schulte as someone possessing “the unique ability to use a medium that is inherently cold and isolating and create something warm and inviting.” Wrapping white neon around palm husks and sanded driftwood, Schulte creates elegant pieces of work that flip the original c
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Emily Dodi from the VCReporter reviews artist Lisa Schulte

Neon meets nature at Ojai’s Porch Gallery by Emily Dodi “Ojai is all aglow. The source of illumination is Article 16: Selected Works by Lisa Schulte at Porch Gallery. The title is a mischievous wink at an Ojai city ordinance that outlaws neon signs and architectural elements with the exception of a two-foot-square OPEN sign. When told about the law, Schulte’s response is a playful, “Let’s rock this town.” (Note
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Lisa Schulte and Porch Gallery Featured in Art and Cake

“The sun was unreasonably hot the day folks gathered to attend the reception of Lisa Schulte’s “Article 16” and its guests were feeling it. Instead of inducing an irritable atmosphere, the oppressive heat had an interesting converse effect: it unified the art lovers who had convened at Porch Gallery Ojai, donning a wholesome, down-to-earth demeanor. They chatted and wiped the sweat from their brows, sat on the
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Charles Donelan Reviews the “Ojai Invitational 2017″ in the Santa Barbara Independent

“Porch Gallery Ojai’s California Space & Light exhibit is the 2017 entry in a series of shows known as the “Ojai Invitational.” The idea is to devote a regular slot in the gallery’s exhibition calendar to artists who reflect a common understanding of the role of art in a region defined as extending from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Kelly Berg, Andy Moses, Jennifer Wolf, and Brad Howe share a devotion to the
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Shana Nys Dambrot covers “Ojai Invitational 2017″ in the Huffpost

Covering the “Ojai Invitational 2017: California Space & Light” writer Shana Nys Dambrot begins “Kelly Berg, Brad Howe, Andy Moses, and Jennifer Wolf as artists have a lot in common, and also claim a great many points of divergence. But between them, they tend to the legacy of modern Southern California abstraction, and especially the aspects of its practice that were nurtured on the region’s r
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“Fierce Generosity” Exhibition and Opening Weekend featured in Wallpaper

In his article for Wallpaper “Art angel: Porch Gallery opens an inaugural group show in honour of Carolyn GlasoeBailey” Michael Slenske writes: “Though it doesn’t translate exactly into English, the Finnish word sisu might be the best way to describe the late Minnesota-born gallerist, curator and art advisor Carolyn GlasoeBailey. ‘Sisu means stoic, determination, grit, bravery, guts, res
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Porch Gallery Featured in the Huffington Post.

“Fierce Generosity” Exhibition Featured in Eric Minh Swenson’s Huffington Post Article

Eric Minh Swenson, writing for his ongoing photojournalism survey of art exhibition openings titled EMS N(art)rative, reports on Porch Gallery Ojai’s ongoing collaboration with the CGB Foundation: “Ultimately, I embrace the hopes of Porch Gallery Ojai and The Carolyn GlasoeBailey Foundation in bringing a new attitude to the region, an attitude that forms a coalition with Santa Barbara down to San Diego an
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