Shana Nys Dambrot reviews “Seismic | Formations” in Fabrik Magazine

Seismic | Formations, brings together works by China Adams and Joshua Abarbanel, artists whose practices are not overtly linked. Yet when considered together, as with all inspired curatorial pairings, the contrasts and confluences between the two artists highlight particular qualities of each. Here, those qualities include patience, obsessive execution, a fascination with expressions of the passage of time and the wa
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Artist Marilyn Noad Featured in the Ojai Quarterly

In her Article, By the Light of the Ojai Moon, writer Anca Colbert captures the essence of Marilyn Noad’s work: “Whatever the artist sees or the viewer imagines, the works evoke the overwhelming beauty and power of nature. They reflect this artist’s profound connection to her environment, and reveal the cosmological themes at the fiery center of her inspiration. Storms, stones, and stars speak to her. She
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Porch Gallery Artist Joshua Abarbanel Featured in Colossal

“LA-based sculptor Joshua Abarbanel fabricates wood sculptures and installations reminiscent of coral reefs comprised of concentric flower-like blooms. The artist builds both smaller standalone artworks that rest on a pedestal and larger wall or ceiling-mounted pieces that seem to grow organically in every direction…” Read More…
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Porch Gallery Ojai Featured in the Bearleader Chronicle

“…Heather and Lisa are deeply embedded in the community and make sure that art is prominently featured in the daily life of Ojai. Their keen eye and enthusiasm make the gallery an essential stop on your visit…” Read More
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Porch Gallery Featured in White Hot Magazine

Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot highlighted the Porch Gallery Ojai and artist Jeff Mann in her White Hot Magazine article “Report from Avant-Garde Ojai” Click here to read full article
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Porch Gallery Ojai Featured in the San Jose Mercury News

Porch Gallery Featured in the San Jose Mercury News

Writer Amber Turpin spent a weekend experiencing the artful side Of Ojai, including the Porch Gallery Ojai and our line of Rock the Glass Glassware. Click here to read the full article
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Porch Gallery Featured in Vogue’s Guide to Ojai

In her Vogue article, “Vogue’s Guide to Ojai: The Shangri-La of California” Rachel Marlowe calls out artists Tanja Rector, Patrick Haemmerlein, and Guy Webster as she describes the Porch Gallery as “the place to be on Sunday mornings.” Click here to read the full article.
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Astist Jeff Mann featured in the Ojai Quarterly

Artist Jeff Mann Featured in the Ojai Quarterly’s Cover Article

Anca Colbert’s article in the Ojai Quarterly magazine is an insightful look into artist Jeff Mann’s imagination and style. Colbert aptly describes his work as “The phantasmagorical drawings of Jeff Mann create strange, shifting scenes playing mischief with the natural world. Jeff’s drawings have us guessing and questioning our perception, as the eye follows lines from reality to illusion, and back.
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Souun Takeda at the Porch Gallery

Souun Takeda’s Exhibtion “Balance” Featured on KCET’s Artbound

In her Artbound article, “Strokes of Genius and Gratitude: The Calligraphy of Souun Takeda“, Journalist Meher McArthur profiles Porch Gallery artist, Souun Takeda, and the process of creating his body of work for our exhibit “Balance“. Click here to read full article.
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