Dec. 14, 2017 – Jan.7, 2018

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Porch Gallery Ojai presents New Works by Anthony Craddock and Chris Maynard. Craddock’s large-scale photographs vibrantly capture the tenacious presence of industrialization in our natural environments. His saturated landscapes are pocked with Cargo freighters, oilrigs and factories. Embracing the grandeur of the vistas, Craddock’s work refuses to pit man-made vs. nature; but rather they hint that this is our new reality, industry and the environment are now intertwined in our modern landscape.

Chris Maynard’s feather shadow boxes feature intricate cutouts from bird feathers. The surgical precision of his designs honor and re-imagine the feathers with a beauty and complexity that is only rivaled by the feathers themselves. In Maynard’s hands, a pair of pheasant feathers explodes into a spiral of ever shrinking birds. In another piece, a school of fish emerges from a single turkey feather. Each of Maynard’s works is a magic act, like a trick where a wand enchantingly transforms into a live dove.