January 3 – February 23

YOUR ALL JUST FEATHERS IN MY NEST was a tag I saw on the streets of LA. It’s just what the Universe provided that day, my artwork works a lot that way, a lot of it is created with luck and chance and things I come across – books, places and, in this case, a street tag.
-Patrick Haemmerlein

Patrick Haemmerlein at the Porch Gallery

A native of Kinderhook, NY, Patrick Haemmerlein is a full-time artist living in Los Angeles. Reflecting on issues of the day, Patrick’s work explores themes of nature vs. industry and how they can co-exist or clash. Creating only from photographs he takes, Patrick layers his imagery on found wood & recycled book pages and then applies watercolors to bring the artwork to life. His new body of work includes pieces influenced by Ojai and its surrounding landscapes. For the past 11 years, Patrick has gained great exposure showing his work through the underground art scene in Los Angeles. His artwork is now represented in galleries across the world.