Strange Growth, 2020.
Cotton cord and yarn on wood.
Edition of 3 (One month lead time for production)

A portion of artists proceeds will go to the Black Art Futures Fund:

My table is a response to the strange times we are living in. We are experiencing life in the midst of a global pandemic. The isolation of quarantine, the loss of loved ones, financial hardship, and an uncertain future is all part of the collective struggle. On top of this our country is faced with a failed government run by the corporate elite, and worldwide protests and unrest due to deeply embedded racism and oppression within our society. It seems that we as humans are a kind of virus, attacking each other, and desecrating Earth’s most precious natural resources. We seem to be at the precipice of a much needed shift, and I believe that all of the churning and discomfort of these dark and uncertain times will bring forth incredible transformation and growth. There is always beauty to be found within the strangeness.