A celebration of collecting creativity

January 13 to March 21, 2022

Artists’ Reception: March 5, 3-6PM

Its my house

CURA Art, in collaboration with Porch Gallery, invites you to Its My House!, a collective space and exhibition celebrating the role of collectors in their embrace and support of creativity. This immersive installation-exhibition utilizes the building’s former life as a domestic space and creates a united “house” and cultural hub for inspiration, debate and sanctuary, surrounded by the joy that artistry brings.

Humans have collected objects throughout our existence as functional apparatus, for the pursuit of knowledge, as status symbols, and to surround ourselves with beauty, but also as sentimental mementos and to feel a part of the wider human experience through the creative skill of others. The objects in our homes reflect our personality, interests and storytelling about our lives, selected and positioned with intent.

Its My House! reflects a new era of collecting with purpose, with an emphasis on preserving artistic legacy and acknowledgement of the wider role of the collector in the promotion and support of both emerging and established artistic talent. Many contemporary collectors also have chosen a non-hierarchical approach to medium in response to an increasingly experimental practice by contemporary artists and a growing interest in “cross collecting.”

The exhibition therefore honors the notion that art defies medium, showcasing an eclectic mix that encompasses – not only artists working on canvas, paper and collage – but those practicing in other mediums, such as sculpture, wood, ceramic and textile. Contemporary pieces by leading artists working in both the US and UK are placed among modern furniture in a display that encourages you to sit, enjoy and reflect. A special loan of ceramics by the iconic Ojai artist, Beatrice Wood and collages by Modern British artist Margaret Mellis provide access to incredible works from otherwise unseen local private collections.

The significance of our homes as havens has become even more poignant in the last two years. Global events have widely illustrated disparity and that although a house is an inviolable domain for some, it is not for others. In light of this, proceeds from the sale of selected works will be donated to local charities, each of which focuses on homelessness. Alongside the exhibition a festival of collecting will take place, with special events to include artist and collector talks and workshops.

Artists included: Adia Millett, Alex Asher Daniel, Alexandra Grant, Beatrice Wood, Ben Todd, Brett Childs, Chad Attie, Firoozeh Neman, Hormazd Narielwalla, Jonathan Prince, Margaret Mellis, Michael Shaw, Patti Oleon, Pia Pack, Rebecca Farr, Sean C. Flaherty, Senon Williams

About CURA Art:

The patronage and philanthropy of collectors is increasingly vital for the support of artists and sustaining the arts more broadly. From focusing acquisitions on under-represented groups to providing access to the works that they own, collectors are increasingly conscientious, and this renewed sense of patronage will be fundamental to the arts moving forward.

Georgia Powell and Liza Shapiro established CURA Art to support collectors on their journey. “Collectors are custodians of our cultural heritage,” says Powell, “and CURA Art exists to help them fully harness their potential.”

Based in Los Angeles and London, CURA Art supports collectors and organizations with the care and management of collections.